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July 2020
The Woven Studio |
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About Us

We are Doris & Billy, lovers of homemade projects, seekers of one-of-kind finds, students of all things design, and, did we mention… WE’RE SIBLINGS! That’s right! Raised in NYC by a “Super-Builder” of a dad and a “Sewing-Machine” of a mother, we were surrounded by projects that could only be met by the hands of a Weaver. (Because Weaver’s did it best, right dad?) Now that we’re all grown up, we still have that passion for do-it-yourself projects and aesthetically pleasing designs. Our hope for you is that through this blog, you will become inspired to create things on your own, while joining us as we learn new skills to make our homes a little more pretty.

Fun Facts

Planning a blog can be tough work! (Especially when working with your sibling!) Here are some fun “behind-the-scenes” facts about our journey to getting here.


Days Planning


Sibling ``Debates``


Last-Minute Projects


Happy Bloggers!

What We’ll Talk About

Wanna know what we’re about? We’ll make it easy.

Below are the categories of our posts followed by an explanation of each, just to make it easy.

You’re welcome.

  • Come With

    Between the two of us, we're constantly either learning new skills, shopping for cool finds, or traveling to unexpected places. And now we get to bring you along!

  • Throw Together

    Why waste money when you can throw it together yourself? (We'll show you how, of course.)

  • Give & Take

    Learning is part of life…but who said it can't be fun?! Look here for quick and easy lessons on topics like photography, computer design programs, and much more!

  • Merrymaking

    Who doesn't like a good party? How about ones done on a budget?! We'll show you how to party hard without breaking the piggy-bank.

  • Feast Your Eyes

    Food that looks as delicious as it tastes…need I say more?

From The Blog

Here’s a look at what we’ve been up to.

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