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September 2014
The Woven Studio | Throw It Together: “A” Shaped Tents
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Throw It Together: “A” Shaped Tents

Throw It Together: “A” Shaped Tents

If you are a Pinterest lover, by now you’ve seen countless pins of kids’ A-Frame tents. You may have pinned at least one on your board thinking it was adorable, (because they are!) but thought you could/would never make it. I was in the same boat, until we decided to throw an end of summer party. We wanted to have something special for the kids that would be in attendance, and we instantly thought of those ever popular tents. Perfect! Ok, Doris, time to get working!




The tent construction is REALLY simple when you look at its components – the frame and the cover – and the supplies needed are pretty basic too. Here’s what you will need to do to take this project out of your “Someday” Pinterest board and start enjoying it.



  • (4) 1x2x48” wooden boards
  • (3) ½” x 48” hardwood dowels
  • Drill with 5/8” drill bit
  • Suggested: (12) #9 O-Rings



  • Material measuring 86”L x 44”W
  • Coordinating thread


HINT: If you do not have a fabric store nearby, or buying fabric by the yard is too expensive, you can use old sheets, or go to your local big box store and buy cheap sheets or curtains in the pattern or color you desire.


INSTRUCTIONS: (PDF Version Available Below!)

  • First let’s tackle the cutting and drilling. Cut your 1×2 boards into (4) 48” long pieces. (TIP: we bought 8′ wooden boards at Home Depot, and they were able to cut it down to 4′ for us. TAKE ADVANTAGE!) Now, take your drill and apply a 5/8” bit to drill holes into the boards for the dowels to slide into. You’re going to have to make 2 holes into the boards, one 5 ½” from the top, and one 2 ½” from the bottom.





  • Depending on how your holes look, you may want to sand down the rough edges. I tend to sand down any project I have that involves any kind of wood. It will give your project a more professional look, plus, if you have little ones in mind for this project, it probably isn’t a bad idea to make your tent a little safer for them.





  • Now let’s leave the frame to work on the cover. Just like the frame, the first step for the cover will be to cut your material. Remember, when you are cutting your fabric, make sure you have a square cut, any slight deviation will result in the cover fitting too tightly on the frame.
  • Sew the cover. Hem 1” along the length of the cover (I used (2) 1/2 inch folds, folding it over half way). The bottoms of the covers will use a 2” loop for the dowels to slip into.
  • You can add your own style to these tents. They are super versatile. Besides being able to use any type of fabric you want, you can add little window cutouts, embellish with some tassel, or even use fabric paint to show off your extra artistic side. If you decide to make your own tent, send Billy or me a pic of how you customized your tent!
  • Now we can assemble the tent!. Simply slide in the dowels into the holes you drilled into the boards. Now, it is up to you, but if you would like a more secure frame, I would suggest using the O-Rings on either end of the boards to keep them in place. This worked perfectly for our party, with several bouncing kids using the tents.


IMG_8154-2EndOfSummerPics-Tent2 IMG_8155-2 IMG_8158-2


Don’t be scared to do things yourself! To make it easier, we made you a printable version of the instructions to take with you!


Have fun and feel free to leave a comment with questions or tips, and don’t forget to share your pictures with us on any our social media pages!





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