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September 2014
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The Woven Studio | Come With: Doris’ Birthday Celebration
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Come With: Doris’ Birthday Celebration

Come With: Doris’ Birthday Celebration

Last week was Doris’ birthday! So, to pay homage, this post is gonna be all about how we celebrated. (Stick around! I’m soooo excited to share some of the small businesses and we ran into along the way…)






The celebration started as all life events should…with food.


If you’ve never been to Smorgasburg, a food flea market in Williamsburg (Brooklyn), YOU ARE SERIOUSLY MISSING OUT. This was my first time going and let me tell you… it was love at first sight. ROWS of food vendors and their delicious goodies greet you as you instantaneously forget that your cholesterol is way too high and that you probably shouldn’t have dessert before lunch.


(Foodies, unite! I encourage you to go out to Williamsburg to experience this place for yourself! I’ll leave suggestions below of the places we loved.)






Food Stop #1: Mighty Quinn’s BBQ

Our first stop was for this beauty pictured above – a brisket slider! We basically made a bee-line for Mighty Quinn’s booth the second we arrived. And it was a good thing we did, because their line was one of the longest in the market. Everyone wanted a piece of their delicious goodies!


(Foodie Tip: Get two sliders! They’re too good to only have one, and you don’t want to have to get back on line for another!)







Food Stop #2: Dough, The Good Batch

Ok…so we kinda broke tradition and went for the desserts next. (We couldn’t help it!) We walked past everyone eating these ginormous doughnuts and ice cream sandwiches, so we had to take part!


The Good Batch: When I tell you that The Good Batch makes THE best ice cream cookie sandwiches, I mean it! I had one bite of their Oat Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream Sandwich and TIME STOPPED. In addition to their already mouth-watering cookies & ice cream, they sprinkled on some sea salt and drizzled fudge, which is basically a party in your mouth. (They really should legally classify this dessert as a drug cause IT’S SO DELICIOUS.) Go there. Buy some. Eat two or three. Trust me.


Check out their blog and website here.


Dough: While I waited in line for an ice cream sandwich, Doris went and got one of these oh-so-yummy, plain-glazed doughnuts from Dough. “Was it good?” Well, just look at the picture of Doris above. IT WAS AMAZING. First off, these doughnuts are the size of your face. Our eyes were drawn to them from across the marketplace. Secondly, they are so fluffy and decadent that they immediately melt in your mouth. (Ugh…I’m making myself salivate.) Thirdly, they had a million different flavors – so basically you have no option but to love them, which was fine by me.


Follow them on Facebook to see more pictures of their beautiful doughnuts.








Food Stop #3: Home Frite


Ok, down to my last suggestion. But before I talk about hand-cut deliciousness, I need to verbally obsess over Home Frite’s packaging. THE. COOLEST. THING. IN. THE. WORLD.  You win, Home Frite.


Now on to the food.


McDonald’s and Wendy’s were nothing compared to the cone of starchy goodness pictured above. These fries were so stinking good. So good that it actually required security to help manage the mob of hungry customers waiting in line. (Yeah, did i mention how good they were?) We got their Truffle Fries, which are fries tossed in black truffle oil, fresh shredded and grated Parmesan cheeses and herbs, and sided with lemon garlic aioli sauce. Sounds legit, right? We were able to share this huge serving, along with a second serving of original fries, between all 5 of us, so definitely grab a cone if you find yourself in Brooklyn.


And don’t forget to check them out here.







Artist & Flea


While we were pigging out outside, it began to rain so we took shelter a block or two away at the Artist & FleaTo give you a general overview, it’s a marketplace for small vendors and artists to display and sell their merchandise. (The merchandise ranged from clothing, music, art, stationery, and so on.)






Lovewild Design


Is it possible to experience love at first sight twice in one day? Seriously, Doris and I were gawking over Lovewild Design’s eco-friendly and absolutely STUNNING products. Just to give you a picture of how obsessed we became, here’s an overview of our trip through Artist & Flea.



1. We stopped at the Lovewild Design booth.

2. Chatted to the owner for a couple of minutes. (If you’re reading this, “Hello!” and “We’re sorry for stalking you again!”)

3. Circled the ENTIRE marketplace to try and peek at the Lovewild Design booth again.

4. Discussed how horrible we were at stalking.

5. Walked back to the Lovewild Design booth.

6. Took pictures so we could stalk on our way home.


Yeah. It was pretty bad. But you know what? I don’t care… Sign me up for LWD Anonymous because I will forever be in awe of the wonderful little items we found there.


You can see some of their goodies below, but what you really need to do is check out their shop here and buy everything.















Beacon’s Closet


If  you know Doris, you’d know that shopping and discounts are a few of her favorite things. So what’s more appropriate than ending the day at a thrift shop? And this was no ordinary thrift shop. Beacon’s Closet is the mother of all thrift shops. The layout of their clothing is an organizer’s HEAVEN. (Everything is color-coordinated and sorted by type – it’s beautiful.) Plus, they have really nice stuff! (I’m pretty sure Doris got a pair of black Steve Madden suede heels for under $30.)






After walking in the rain all day, we went home to cozy blankets and ice cream cake and called it a night. I think it’s safe to say Doris had a fun birthday, and I’m happy I got to be a part of it.


Here’s to you, Doris. Happy Birthday!


– Billy



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