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The Woven Studio | Throw It Together: $3 S’mores Skewers!
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Throw It Together: $3 S’mores Skewers!

Throw It Together: $3 S’mores Skewers!

Out of all the DIY projects we’ve made, these s’mores skewers are by far the easiest! (And with a day like today, who wouldn’t love to spend some time outside by a bonfire…right?!)


Here’s What You’ll Need:


  • Long sticks, with a diameter of an inch or wider (You should have seen Billy and I hunting and hoarding the sticks we used for this project at our local park. We must have seemed like crazy people!)
  • 1/8″ steel rods. Buy as many as the number of skewers you would like to have.

Total cost: $2.97/skewer


IMG_7884-2IMG_7888-2 IMG_7889-2




(Printable Version: $3 S’mores Instructions)


1) Take your sticks and using a saw, cut the sticks on both ends to your desired length.


2) Is your hand drill all charged up? You’ll need it for this next step. Using a 3/32″ drill bit, drill a hole into the center of your stick.


3) Make sure you are drilling straight down into the stick and not at an angle, because next you will need to attach the rods by sticking them into your drilled holes. You can try to get the rods in by hand, but the best way is to hammer the end of the rod to allow the rod to completely fill your drilled hole.


4) This next step is optional, but is advisable if your rods aren’t fitting snuggly into your sticks, dab a little bit of wood glue onto the bottom of your rods before you stick them into your drilled holes.


Now, even though this project is pretty simple, you could forego a project completely by just using smaller sticks you’ve found, or even use the store bought bbq skewers, but where is the fun in that?? These rods are so adorable, I had to make them! They are perfect on their own, but you can customize them any way you’d like. Perhaps you’d like to color coordinate them by painting the ends different colors? It’s up to you! At the end of the day, all that matters is you’re using them to make yummy s’mores.



IMG_7891-2 IMG_7892-2 IMG_7902-2 IMG_7910-2 IMG_7922-2IMG_7924-2IMG_7914-2



Like always, we encourage you to get your hands a little dirty while saving some cash. If you have any questions about any of the steps above, feel free to comment below!




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