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December 2014
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The Woven Studio | Ball Ornaments & GIVEAWAY!
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Ball Ornaments & GIVEAWAY!

Day 10: 25 Days of Christmas

Ball Ornaments & GIVEAWAY!

If you remember our first project of our 25 Days of Christmas, we used some fabric we had lying around to whip up some awesome stuffed ornament stars. Well, since we still had some scraps leftover from that project, we decided to make some more ornaments from them. We picked up some of those plain cardboard ornament balls and used the fabric to give those cardboard balls a bit of a face-lift. If you have some ornaments that you need to dress up, you could try this project to make something new for next to nothing.



  • Any ornament ball
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun


Ball Ornaments1




  • Cut your fabric into 1 inch wide strips. The length is up to you and will depend on what kind of fabric you have. If you only have some leftover scraps, simply cut the length of the strip to whatever can go around your ball once, its circumference. If you have a little more fabric, cut the strips as long as you want.
  • Start wrapping your fabric around your ornament. Begin by using the hot glue gun to adhere the end of your strip to your starting point. Then wrap your strips all around the ball until the ball is fully covered, gluing points in between.

Yup, that’s it. Not much to it! Now our cute little star ornaments have a couple extra buddies hanging with them on the tree.



Ball Ornaments2 Ball Ornaments3 Ball Ornaments4 Ball Ornaments5 Ball Ornaments6



Now for the fun part! We’re a little more than a week into our 25 Days of Christmas, and we are LOVING some of the projects we’ve been making! So much so that we decided to host our first ever Woven Studio Giveaway!  We are giving away THREE items of your choosing from our 25 Days of Christmas projects so far. (We’ve posted pictures of the options below, so go scout out your picks!)



Here’s how to win.


All you need to do is follow The Woven Studio’s Facebook and/or Instagram accounts and tag a friend on our “25 Days of Christmas Giveaway” post! Easy, right?!? Both you and your friend will be automatically be entered to win, so tag away! (Psst…the more people you tag, the more odds you’ll have of winning. Just saying.)


The winner will be announced Friday, December 12th @ 7pm EST, so go tag someone now!



StarOrnament8Crayon12WoodenSpoon5Plates5Cheese1Ball Ornaments6

 (HEADS UP! Both sets of ornaments –  Star & Ball Ornaments – will be included as one prize!)



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