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December 2014
The Woven Studio | Holiday Greeting Card Roundup
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Holiday Greeting Card Roundup

Day 15: 25 Days of Christmas

Holiday Greeting Card Roundup

Cards. I have a love-hate relationship with them. On one hand, some are designed so well that you want to frame them and keep them forever! (Seriously though…they’re beautiful.) But on the other hand you have to ACTUALLY write in them and feelings and yeah….no. Not so into that.


However, those feelings aside, today I’m taking you through my 2014 Christmas Greeting Card picks. Hope you enjoy!


(P.S. – I’ll be sharing all the links on where to buy these cards throughout the post!)




1. Rifle Paper Co.

Ok…anyone who has stepped foot into a Barnes & Noble the past two years has seen the work of Rifle Paper Co. THEY. ROCK. MY. WORLD. Love their designs and playful characters they incorporate into their cards. (My favorites are below, but check out their site and buy everything.)





2. Emily McDowell

Two words: freakin’ hysterical. I LOVE HER CARDS! They make card-giving SO EASY for awkward people like me. (Seriously, her “Awkward Card” was made for me.)





3. Thimblepress:

So, I have a confession to make. I sort of have a business crush on Thimblepress. They’re located in Mississippi, so I’ve never actually visited their shop in person, but boy…I live vicariously through their Instagram posts. Go check them out & be sure to follow them so you can get sucked into their letterpress vortex with me.


(BONUS: We have some future plans (for next month) involving one of Thimblepress’ merchandise…so stay tuned!)







4. Ink Meets Paper:

Looking for something unique? Ink Meets Paper has a whole line of letterpresses goods that make me want to buy everything. (There’s just something about that letterpressed texture that makes me drool. LOVE IT.)

il_570xN.628401699_gt3i  il_570xN.676115914_t6jo



5. August & Oak:

This company is new to me, but when I saw this card I HAD to add them to the list of greats. How beautiful is the design of this card? So good…well done, August & Oak.







Well, that wraps it up. If you’re looking to get some holiday greeting cards, I encourage you to shop one of these businesses, or any small business for that matter. The support we give can only encourage some more gorgeous work, right??


Alright..good night everyone!


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Billy Weaver

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