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December 2014
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The Woven Studio | Mason Jar Snow Globe
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Mason Jar Snow Globe

Day 11: 25 Days of Christmas

Mason Jar Snow Globe

Who else woke up to snow this morning? Yesterday’s flurries got us super inspired to make today’s project – Mason Jar Snow Globes! It’s super easy to do, and looks STINKIN’ ADORABLE.



Snow Globe 8Snow Globe 1



Here’s What you’ll need:


  • Any sized Mason Jar with a lid. (Specifically one with a wide lid.) We went for this decorative, smaller one with a clear window.
  • Decorations!  This part you can customize however you would like. We went to A.C. Moore and bought these mini trees and snow sled for a more “Winter Wonderland” scene. (We REALLY wanted to find a mini version of our friend’s “Wileneer”/Jeep Wagoneer, but everyone was sold out!)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Styrofoam Base (or anything sturdy and water resistant)
  • GLITTER (or fake snow)
  • Optional: Paint & Paintbrush to paint the lids. (We ended up keeping the silver lid, although a nice red or gold would look SUPERB!





  • The first thing you are going to want to do is get your base together for your decorations. We used two layers of foam core and hot glued those bad boys together to create a base with height.
  • Once your base is done, break out your decorations and start staging how you want your Snow Globe to look.
  • After you’ve changed your mind at least 15 times, settle on one layout and hot glue your pieces to the base. (The last thing you want is for your kids to get ahold of your globe, start shaking it and find that Santa is now floating on the top of your globe like some dead goldfish. Not a pretty look.)
  • Optional: If you’re looking to paint your mason jar lids, do so now while your base & decorations are drying!
  • When your base & decorations are fully dried, hot glue the entire piece onto the mason jar lid.
  • Now’s the fun part! Fill your mason jar up 90% with water. Sprinkle in your glitter and GENTLY mix your sprinkles in. (I was a little aggressive and all my glitter came out of the jar.)
  • Place your lid/base/decorations in the mason jar with glitter and BAM! You’ve got a Snow Globe!



Snow Globe 2Snow Globe 5Snow Globe 4Snow Globe 6Snow Globe 7



I hope you guys liked today’s project as much as I do! I think these snow globes will be a PERFECT stocking stuffer/entertainment for the little ones. (Or not so little ones…I’m kind of obsessed with them too.) If you decide to try out this project, let us know & send us a pic! There’s nothing we love more than hearing from you guys!


Alright, my friends. We’ll see you tomorrow for Day 12!


P.S. – Everyone comment on Doris’ new photography skills! Aren’t these pictures awesome! She’s been learning how to use my camera for a couple of days now and she’s a natural!





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Billy Weaver

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