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December 2014
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The Woven Studio | Snowflake Glasses
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Snowflake Glasses

Day 12: 25 Days of Christmas

Snowflake Glasses

Now I have to admit, I don’t think I am the most creative person, especially when it comes to drawing or painting. I think I have a pretty good eye, but for me to whip up a design on my own is hard for me. So for this project, I tried to pull out some creative juices from the right side of my brain. For those of you that this comes more naturally to you, I am jealous! Give me some tips!







  • Acrylic paint
  • Glassware (Say it with me, “Dollar store!!” Yup, you know it!)
  • Paintbrush



  • Wash the glass you wish to paint. Warm soap, water, the works. Make sure to completely dry.
  • Using some rubbing alcohol, clean the surface of the glass.
  • Sketch your design on a piece of paper. This took me forever! Again, I’m not much of a drawer, but my sister is, so I had her help me with one of the designs. I’m the type of person that would prefer looking at a sample of what I am drawing, but since I wanted the design to be my own, it was a lot harder for me to pull the design straight out of my brain. Also, I didn’t want to paint that same simple snowflake design I had stuck with on the spoons and cutting board.
  • Time to work right on the glass! This was so nerve wracking for me! Besides those arts and crafts classes in elementary school(which were always my favorite!), the only time I picked up a paintbrush was to paint the walls in my house, and even with that I made my husband do the edging because I would butcher it! So what I did to get used to how the brushes worked, I painted right onto my paper sketch before committing to the glass.






Voila! This is how I turned a simple dollar store glass into a pretty holiday glass. What do you think? I know it is not the most perfectly painted by any means, and I plan on working on my paintbrush skills. What tips can you give me if you are an expert? Is it all in the brush? I ended up having to go over the first coat because it seemed a little streaky, is there a way to avoid that? And HOW do you keep the lines straight? Haha, I am a work in progress I guess. I’d much rather choose a hand drill over a paintbrush, but there is something very delicate about taking the time to paint your own design onto a craft!


Happy 12th day of our Days of Christmas! We love to hear from you, chime in with what your favorite day so far is, and what suggestions you have for the rest of the series! ‘Til tomorrow!


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