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January 2015
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The Woven Studio | IT’S A BOY!!!
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Hope everyone’s holidays were filled with joy, quality time with loved ones, and (of course) delicious FOOD!


We’re not even a week into 2015 and it’s already becoming one of my favorites! (Mainly because we’ve dubbed it the Year of the Baby!!!) If you don’t know already, my sister and partner-in-crime, Doris, is PREGNANT! I KNOW!!! I’ve been obsessing over the fact that I get the privilege of being an uncle this year. (Seriously though, if I think about it too long I’ll cry…again. I’m legitimately tearing as I type. BABIES!!!!!)


Seventeen weeks have FLOWN by, and the doctors were ready to tell us the gender of Baby Schooling! So, as Weaver/Schooling tradition has it – we threw a party!


IMG_0442IMG_0444IMG_0430     IMG_0469 IMG_0472IMG_0476IMG_0434IMG_0447IMG_0530IMG_0497IMG_0509IMG_0508IMG_0513


If you’ve read our post on Party Essentials, you’ll recognize a TON of the table-scape and decorations. We’re a huge fan of quick, Throw-It-Together, party supplies – which helped us put together this party in a short notice! (You can find out more about our Party Essentials here and see a full tutorial for DIY Blackboard Easels here.)



Probably the hardest part about gender reveal parties is finding a fun way to announce the gender! We did a little brainstorming on ideas, but were torn on two (a Gender Reveal Cake, and our small shop soulmate, Thimblepress’ Gender Reveal Confetti Pops) – so we did them both!



Ok, some background story on our wonderful friend we now call our “family baker” – Joan Ka. Joan is probably one of the most gifted cake decorators/bakers I have ever known in my lifetime. (She  made Doris her wedding cake and multiple cakes for my younger sibling’s classes – we basically go to her for every party we host nowadays. She’s brilliant.) Anyway, Doris approached her with ideas of a of a sparkly-gold centerpiece, and boy did Joan deliver! Complete with hand-lettering and the most adorable accompanying “boy” and “girl” cakes, we couldn’t have been more pleased!





Now, I’ve mentioned Thimblepress in our 25 Days of Christmas, so you may be familiar with their holiday cards…but did you know they sold Push-Pop Confetti?!? We did. Because we’re obsessed with them. (If you’re reading this, Kristen, WE LOVE YOU. Like, a lot.) Her brilliant Gender Reveal Push-Pop Confetti  was one of the first things that came to mind when Doris mentioned a gender reveal party.


They’re. So. Much. Fun.


They were a perfect way to end the day. (We went out with a BANG. Get it. Yeah…)



IMG_0522IMG_0666IMG_0665IMG_0668IMG_0671IMG_0678 IMG_0696



All in all, I had one of the best times finding out that it was a BOY! (And, may I add…I KNEW IT!!!) It was kind of adorable watching Doris and Jay tear up as they found out. Don’t tell them I said that though. Our secret. I just hope the next half of this pregnancy goes by as quickly as the first half, because I cannot wait to meet the little guy!






If you’ve recently had a child, or will be having one soon, leave a comment on how you found out his/her gender! I get so happy hearing our friends talk about their babies – I’m such a mush now!


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