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The Woven Studio | DIY Pouf Ottoman
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DIY Pouf Ottoman

DIY Pouf Ottoman

Hello again, friends!


For those of you who may not have known (or haven’t seen my ever growing balloon of a belly), I am expecting a baby! My husband and I will be welcoming a baby boy into our family in June, and we couldn’t be happier! With that said, the preparations for this little one have been in full effect. We recently started transforming our spare bedroom/office/miscellaneous-space-where-you-can-shut-in-unwanted-clutter-from-guests (you ALL know what I am talking about!) into a nursery.


One by one, everything was swapped out to suit a space perfect for our new arrival. The room was cleared out, walls painted, and piece by piece, new items were brought into the room. Channeling my inner designer, I had a vision of a low key, functional, gender neutral space that could grow with what we hope to be an expanding family. (That way, if our firstborn son became a big brother to a little girl, we didn’t have to make any changes.) The essentials started filling up the room (crib, bureau, armchair…) leaving only the fun, decorative details left.



Competitor Pouf



One of the features I had my heart set on was one of those fun, large pouf ottomans to use with my armchair, so I began looking online to buy one. It didn’t take too long before I realized that I could NOT afford it! Wayfair, Overstock, and even my beloved Target let me down big time with price tags starting from $80 reaching to $200+!! Of course, I always tease my husband that I have expensive taste, because the one I liked most was $150. But seriously?! No way was I spending that kind of money! The DIY-er in me then burst out to come up with my own alternative that didn’t sacrifice my taste. So stay tuned if you had always wanted one of these trendy home accent pieces, for a major fraction of the cost! This is how I made my own pouf for less than $10! (And, as always, if you want to try this project out yourself, a printable version of the instructions will be linked at the bottom of this post! We got you covered, friends!)




  • 2 yards of thick, durable fabric, in any style you’d like. Another perk of making things yourself vs. buying one!
  • Filling for the inside of the pouf. The essential in keeping this project low-cost is using this alternative for filling. Instead of going out and buying expensive fiber fill, I used old towels, old T-shirts, and even Billy’s fraying, dingy “Dr. Who” robe that he (really his girlfriend Becky) donated!
  • Scissors
  • Needle and a durable thread


Pouf2 Pouf5



Step #1: Pick out your fabric. Make sure it is pretty durable and not very sheer. I used a scrap that I found at a fabric store that was marked 40% off and only cost me $6. Success! If you have something lying around at home, even better!

Step #2: To save on the time it would take to make my own pattern, I printed out this this pre-made pattern from a Better Homes and Gardens article. ( ) I filtered through their instructions and improvised a little to make the project faster and easier. Feel free to pick through their instructional and mine to see what best suits you!






Step #3: After you have prepared the pattern, cut it onto your chosen fabric. Make sure to lay out your pattern before you cut it, to make sure you have enough fabric and are spacing correctly. You will need 8 panels, and two octagon shapes. IMPORTANT: if your fabric has any sort of pattern, make sure you cut the panels going all in the same direction! Even having a panel sewn on upside down, it will be noticeable on your ottoman. (Also, if you don’t have enough fabric, there are ways to manipulate the pattern. The scrap I bought from the fabric store was only 1.5 yards, so I had to improvise by cutting the triangle tips from my pattern and allowing the octagon to fill in the gap by sewing it directly on the panels instead of just a decorative piece that was sewn on after the pouf was put together. Sorry, this may be more confusing than anything. If you have your 2 yards completely ignore this!)






Step #4: Using a sewing machine, or hand stitches if you don’t have one, sew the panels together. Remember, the pattern allows for a ½ inch seam. Sew each panel, one by one. Eventually, when each panel is attached, you will have to leave a couple inches un- sewn to leave room for a hole to stuff your ottoman.






Step #5: Take an iron and iron down your seams to make the pouf smoother when we pull it right side out.






Step #6: After you have turned the pouf right side out, it is time to stuff! The method I used was to fill the pouf with the heaviest items first. Out of the heavier cloths, like the towels, I lay them down flat until the pile reached the top of the ottoman. Then I used the smaller, softer cloths like the T-shirts to fill around the outside of the towels so the ottoman wouldn’t look clumpy. Next I used some fiber fill that I had picked up on sale ($3) when I bought the fabric to fill around the outermost edges of the pouf. The key to your pouf looking most professional is to ensure that it is filled to capacity! Even if you don’t have any fiber fill, stuff the poor thing up as much as you can, and when you think nothing else can fit, stuff some more! This way, when you use the ottoman, it will not lose its shape.






Step #7: Stitch up your opening.

Step #8: Prepare to attach your bottom and top octagon pieces. Now, like I stated earlier, I had to stitch my octagon onto the panels because I didn’t have enough fabric, so I only had one octagon to affix to the finished pouf. I did this the easiest way possible! I ironed down the ½ inch seam and used fabric glue to apply the piece directly onto the pouf. (The BHG tutorial shows how you can stitch the piece on if you would like.) Whatever way you use, make sure that you line up the octagon with the 8 sides of each panel.



Pouf34Pouf32Pouf31Pouf36 Pouf42 Pouf44 Pouf46



Voila! There you have it! You have your very own pouf without spending a ton. I now have this cute pouf to use with my armchair for those late night feedings, book reading sessions, or just when I want an extra cuddle or two. I am so excited to use it!


Let us know what you guys think of this project, and send us pics of your versions! There’s nothing that gets us more pumped than seeing a friendly comment on one of our posts! 


Download the Printable Version of the DIY-Pouf-Ottoman-Instructions here.


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