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June 2015
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The Woven Studio | Book Wall
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Book Wall

Book Wall

Hey, there! By now, you may have seen pictures on our social medias or on Doris’ Baby Shower post of the oh-so-wonderful accent book wall we made for our book-themed baby shower. Well, here’s a little tutorial on how we made it, as well as some tips you can use to customize it and make it your own! It’s super easy, and only took us about an hour to build with two (very inexperienced) people.


Things You’ll Need:

– A Base (We used two doors, but you can use whatever you have lying around!)

– BOOKS (And I mean a lot of them! We bought 40 books, unbound, for $1/each at the VNA Rummage Sale.)

– Hammer & Nails

– Moss, Flowers, or any type of decoration



Step One: The Base

The first thing you want to do is find some sort of a base for your book wall. (You don’t need to go crazy and buy sheetrock and 2×4″s to make this project look good, so be creative!) We used some old doors we kept from remodeling our home, screwed a 2×4″ on both the top and bottom of the doors and that was it! Sturdy enough to hold together without making it a crazy construction project.


If you do decided to use doors like we did, we found that it was easiest to unscrew the knobs and keep them off until we were done. That allowed us to lay the doors flat/level on the ground.



Book Door - 6Book Door - 3



Step Two: Book Layout

Now, this step can get a little tricky. You’re gonna want the books to fill in your base as evenly as possible, so here’s what we did. As we started unloading the books, we began to size them and pile them in height order. (Leaving us with a small, medium, and large pile.) We then used two tables (you can just use your base or the floor, the tables just made it easier on our backs) to start laying out the books in rows. Each row we designated to one size, and rotated the sizes until we were out of books. So, for example, the first row were all small books, the next were medium sized, and the third were large and so on. (You can see the pictures below.)




Book Door - 2Book Door - 4



Step Three: Nail It!

Transfer the books onto your base and NAIL THOSE SUCKERS IN! Now, we didn’t mind nailing the books straight onto the doors since they were “garbage” anyway, but you may want to cut out a piece of plywood the same dimensions as your books and nail it onto that instead.


TIP: Nail on somewhat of a downward angle…not much, but it will help keep your books up when the base is upright. We only used one nail per side of the book, leaving a couple of pages in the middle to roam free. If you don’t want the nails to show, you can use spray adhesive and use on of your freed pages on either end to mask it.




Book Door - 1



Step Four: Decorate

Now’s the fun part! We used moss in between the cracks of the books and some in the middle of the book binding. You can use flowers, stickers, or whatever else you can imagine.




Baby Shower - 12Baby Shower - 5




This is the end product! What do you think?! We LOVED having it as a focal point for our book-themed baby shower, and it was easy enough that I would do it again for other parties! In total, I think we spent around $60 (including the books, nails, spray adhesive, and moss), which really isn’t bad for such a large piece as this.


If you end up trying this project and find some different tips to save time/money, let us know! (And send us pics of your project so we could drool over them too!) Don’t forget to check out Doris’ Baby Shower too!



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