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September 2015
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The Woven Studio | Three Months
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Three Months

Three Months

Emmett, you are 3 months old today! As much as it is hard to imagine how quickly you have already grown, it seems it is even more impossible to imagine my life without you in it. It is amazing that I have been alive for 25 years now, but out of those 300 months, the little 3 month span you have been a part of our family seems the most significant to me.


A year ago, this time, becoming a mother was only a dream to me. You had only been growing in my belly for a couple weeks, too small for your mother to know she was just that, a mother. I will always remember the day that I found out you were coming into my life, its anniversary just a couple days from today. I remember every single emotion that flooded into me that moment I found out. I was shocked, nervous, but most of all thrilled beyond belief. I cried and cried, on and off the entire day, because each of those emotions were too strong to be contained inside of my body. Becoming a mother was something I have always dreamt of becoming, and that dream came true that day.


A year ago an unexplainable amount of love flooded through me for the little growing human inside of me, no bigger than a seed. It was a love that I didn’t think could ever get deeper, but boy, was I wrong. That little seed grew and grew, until it finally became my sweet little boy, and the day I met him, 3 months ago, my heart couldn’t get any bigger.


Thanks for helping to make my dreams come true, sweet boy. Happy 3 months.

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