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November 2015
The Woven Studio | FIVE MONTHS
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Thanksgiving. This is your first Thanksgiving, outside of my belly that is. What a difference a year makes!

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Last year, to add to the celebrations on Thanksgiving Day, your daddy and I decided to announce your existence to the world. The only people that knew you were growing in my belly were close friends and family, and the anticipation of your arrival was bursting from within us. You were all I could think of, even if you were only the size of a kidney bean at the time. To look at you now I can’t even picture you that tiny! You are taller than most babies your age (97%), and although you are pretty lean and need drawstrings to keep your pants up, you are certainly filling out very quickly. Kissing under your cheek rolls is pretty much my favorite place to smooch you. Just like when you were in my belly, I feel the same responsibility and pride in watching you grow as you have relied solely on me this past year for all of your nutrients to make you big and strong.

Last year, this time, preparations for your arrival took priority over everything. Nesting is a real thing, and your mom felt it as soon as she knew you were going to join us. You were months away from joining us, but I already had your room cleared out and was stocking it up with little baby goodies. This year, although we constantly need to buy bigger clothes for you, we feel fully settled into our new lives together. Our home feels so much more warm with you living in it!

Last year, there were so many unknowns. Would you be healthy? What would you look like, act like? This Thanksgiving, we have learned so much about you. You are a sweet, blonde haired, blue eyed boy (will that change by the time you read this?), and healthily growing big and strong. You are inquisitive, always wanting to get your hands on everything you see and always have a smile on your face. It’s funny, even though I didn’t know you last year, now that I do it’s like I have known you my whole life.

Last Thanksgiving, I was thankful for the opportunity to grow a little one inside of me, to welcome motherhood in the upcoming year. This Thanksgiving, I am grateful to God for guiding me as I venture into this new wonderful time of my life. I am thankful for the learning curve you’ve so graciously given me as I learn how to best be your mom despite all the mistakes I’ve made and am sure to make. I am thankful for the man by my side that has been so patient with me through the baby meltdowns, the most of the time messy house, and the days there is no extra energy to put dinner on the table at the end of the day.

Last Thanksgiving I was so very happy and couldn’t imagine being any happier. This year…well, I proved myself wrong.

Happy 5 months, my little one.

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