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December 2015
The Woven Studio | Six Months
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Six Months

Six Months


Processed with VSCO6 Months!!

You’ve made it through to half of a year on this earth already, and boy has it been quite a ride. You have already visited so many different places, both in New York City at home, and in towns away on holidays. You have met so many new people, who gravitate so quickly towards your sweet, friendly nature. Developmentally, you have come so far! You have been sitting up for over a month now, and are oh, so close to crawling (correctly- as now you slide along like a little snail, using your forearms to propel you forward) You continue to amaze me in how quickly you are growing up, and sometimes I can’t even believe you are the same little baby I held for the first time in June.


You have done and learned so much in your little lifetime, but today I am mostly reminiscing on how largely you have impacted my life in just six months. In just half a year, I have been given new insight of what love means, expanding my personal limits of what I thought my heart could hold towards your papa and you. I never thought I could be any more devoted to your father, but then you come along, and I yearn for him even more than the day we became one. We became even more of a team, working together to try our best in taking care of you. You did that. My heart did something else it had never done before you came along. It loved unconditionally, instantaneously, the minute we learned that you were going to join us. I love your daddy entirely, but it didn’t always exist. That love sparked, starting out small, growing larger and larger, and it continues to grow. I never thought I could be luckier in love when it was just your daddy and me, but I found out quickly that there was so much more room for my heart to grow when it including another life’s securely within it.


In as much as I have learned in becoming your mother, I pray that God will continue to work on my life, illuminating the places in my heart and mind that are lacking, allowing me to grow both as a mother and wife. You two mean the world to me, and my desire is to be the woman you both deserve in your lives.

Happy 6 months, little one.

Processed with VSCO

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Doris Schooling


  • Cristi Coats

    26.12.2015 at 01:32 Reply

    I can’t nearly match the eloquence of your words above. But I want to express how full my heart is by your journey with my brother and sweet little nephew. I couldn’t imagine a better wife for Jason nor dream of a better mother for dear Emmett. Thanks so much for sharing your world with us. Love you!

    • Doris

      26.12.2015 at 15:39 Reply

      What sweet words, from the sweetest sister-in-law any girl could ask for! I am a work in progress, constantly, but I know marrying Jason and subsequently into his beautiful family was the best thing that could ever have happened to me. I love you dearly, and I am so grateful my son has you in his life.

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