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January 2016
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The Woven Studio | Seven Months
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Seven Months

Seven Months

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And just like that, you are 7 months old, little one!


I have loved you before you were even born, and that love just continues to grow the more I get to know who you are. The older you get, the more I see your little personality emerge, and those little idiosyncrasies that make you, you, I hope to  never forget. To help remind myself of the 7 month Emmett I love right now, I thought I would jot a couple reminders here:


When you wake up to start your day, it is always in the calmest of moods. I often only realize you’re awake if I hear you softly cooing to yourself, playing in your crib, waiting for your mommy to come feed you. You are so sweet, little one.


When you want me to pick you up, whether you are sitting in your crib or crawling around on the floor, you will get as close as you can to me as possible then place your hand atop my outstretched hand (it is almost always your left hand to my right hand). You are so keen, little one.


When you are in my arms, you never seem to want to cuddle, much to my dismay, but only want to make the most of your new vantage point, seeing what you can get into next. If you do see something that interests you, you will lean your whole body in that direction until you can reach that item. You are so determined, little one.


When you play EVERYTHING goes into your mouth, rubbing against those 2 little bottom teeth you got this year for Christmas. You are developing so quickly, little one.


When playtime is done, and naptime approaches, you will start to whine. I know right away by your tired cry that it is time for you to go to bed. This is usually every hour on the dot after you have had a meal. The process we go through to get you down for your nap is one of the three: 1. I put you down, you eventually fall asleep on your own; 2. I rock you in my arms until you fall asleep; or 3. If we are out, any form of motion like a car or stroller ride quickly knocks you out. My favorite lately has been #2, because I usually take advantage of those extra cuddles and doze off with you. You are so constant, little one.


You can wake up from a nap happy, or sad. Mostly sad, and I race up to your room to hold you in my arms until you feel safe and comforted. Don’t you know by now, that I am always going to be there for you? You are so safe, little one.


Eating is probably your favorite time of the day, and if you are close to eating, whether sitting on my lap or sitting in the high chair, you become quite the impatient boy. Bobbing and panting usually won’t make the food come any sooner, silly, just be patient! You are so anxious, little one.


When you are finished eating, it is easy to tell, your attention does a 180° right to the activity you want to do next. Back to the exploring for more power cords, mommy! You are so decisive, little one.


When you want to pick up the smaller items, you will only pick it up using your pointer finger and thumb, ever so daintily. You are so particular, little one.


Playing “peek-a-boo” is your favorite game to play, and the excitement that comes with you finding your playmate is so contagious. You are so happy, little one.


You absolutely hate being changed (you can’t squiggle around to play with anything), and the process usually involves a flip or two until I can get your diaper on you. As much as I love that seeing that bare, little coolie, come on Bubba, stay still! You are so squirmy, little one.


When we go outside, it is like a whole new world erupted in front of your eyes, and your little head moves back and forth so very quickly to try to take it all in. Stroller rides are one of your favorite things for the same reason, more to see! You are so curious, little one.


If you see another person, especially another baby, you are so very happy to meet them. You make mommy look so great, because you will sit so calmly watching that person and playing with them in your own little way. You are so friendly, little one.


The moment you see me for the first time is followed by a quick realization that I am your mommy and I have come for you. A smile will light up your face, and in those moments I don’t think you can warm my heart any more. You are mine, little one.


I know some of these things will grow and develop to be more prominent in making up who you are. Others will change completely, and new things will constantly be added to this little list of mine. You will forever be changing in front of my eyes, but know this:




Happy 7 months, my sweet.




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