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February 2016
The Woven Studio | Eight Months
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Eight Months

Eight Months

2016-02-29 10.33.54You’re 8 months old now, love. I wonder, how much you can tell about the world you’ve been surrounded with the past 8 months? You’ve already experienced 3 seasons, which was your favorite? Do you remember those warm, summer nights, or the different colored leaves falling from the sky in autumn? Or how about the days we spent playing in the cold, white snow? You’ve visited different towns in different states, ones with mountains, ones with beaches. Do you have a preference? You’ve visited with all different types of people, young and old. Do you like their company, and do you know that every one you’ve met greets you with the brightest smiles? The world is a big place, and you’ve only just touched the surface.


I wonder, how much about our family have you learned so far? It’s just the 3 of us right now, your mama, papa and you. God willing, you will have brothers or sisters to play with, but for now, you have your parents all to yourself. We live in a little house your daddy bought for us when we got married in a little suburban town of NYC, where you were born. Have you noticed the puppy that lives next door that says hi to you every time we pass? Do you remember our trips into the city? Did you see all the people and the buildings that stretch far up into the sky? This is home for us right now, the 3 of us in our own little world.


How much about your mama have you learned? I’m the one who is the first to hold you when you wake each morning. I’m the one showers you with too many kisses, enough to make you squirm and move your head (There’s no such thing as too many kisses though, so you better get used to it. ) I call you “Bubba” when you’re in your playful moods, “Baby Boy” when I am proud of you and feel so much love for you, and “Emmett” when I call out for your attention, which usually ends up with you looking up with one of your heartwarming smiles.  I’m the one that tells you I love you every time I pick you up as I hug you as tight as you will allow me.


Don’t worry if you haven’t caught al that just yet, sweetie, you’ll pick up on it soon enough; I’ll be with you every step of the way.


Happy 8 months, little one.


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