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May 2016
The Woven Studio | 10 Months
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10 Months

10 Months



Well, you made it to 10 months old, little guy. Crazy as it is for me to write this, but for the first time in your life it’s starting to feel like you’re changing from my baby boy into a kid. I’ve started planning your 1st birthday party, and it has me noticing things that you do that toddlers would do, not the infant that I met ten months ago. Your personality is growing right in front of me, and it has completely entranced me. As much as it feels like you are becoming more independent, I also feel that you’re more aware of my role in your life, as the person that loves you the most in this world. You’ve been learning to walk, (you took your first step with grandpa a couple weeks ago!) and even if it takes you many more months to get walking down pat, you can get around just fine without using those two extra appendages, and all without my help. Nothing can stop you from your exploration expeditions, but the moment I call out your name, I’ll find your little head poking out to find me, followed with the biggest smile.


Your affection for those around you has been flourishing just as fast as you’re growing. The smile that lights up all over your face, from your toothy grin to your scrunched up nose and sparkling eyes is displayed for anybody that comes your way saying, “hello”. You’re trusting and will hold out arms to those who welcome you, even people you may not recognize. You are quick to lay a kiss on your family’s cheek when one is requested, (my absolute favorite!) and are comforted by anyone who holds you, often falling asleep in their arms. I’m so proud of this sweet, yet active boy you’re becoming.


For as much as you love to explore and play by yourself, there are many times when you need to just be with someone. I can’t even count the times we would be playing together when you go off on your own, but quickly come back to crawl in my lap, play a little, then go out again. Yes, Bubba, I’m still there! Or when I’m sitting on my own and a book is pushed over my way for me to read it to you, and as quickly as I pick up the book, there you are sitting in my lap. I think you get this from your mommy. I dislike being alone, and I feel comforted just being in somebody’s company, even if we may not be doing anything together.


I’m so excited to see what little idiosyncrasies pop up as you continue to grow. I will always be there, watching, learning, loving. Unconditionally. You have no idea how blessed I feel to have you in my life, and I promise to encourage you in each stage of your life. I’m your biggest fan, sweetheart, and I’ll always be in your corner cheering you on.


Happy 10 months, little one.


P.S. if you want to stop growing at this point, feel free. I could use the extra time before you turn 1!



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