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The Woven Studio | Emmett’s First Birthday
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Emmett’s First Birthday

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Well, I’m finally going through pictures from Emmett’s 1st Birthday, and scrolling through has me reliving moments of that wonderful day. Thought I would share some (Ok, a LOT!) photos and details from the event here for you all. Enjoy!






First off, let me start by saying; thank you to all who helped to make his first birthday so memorable! So much work went into that day (thank you’s all around!), and it wouldn’t have meant as much if you weren’t there to share it with us! ❤



The planning for this party started a couple months earlier, but I was really back and forth deciding on a theme. I had originally thought about a “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” theme because of our love for books and traveling, coupling with the beloved theme behind Dr. Suess’ book, but it just didn’t feel like Emmett. However, Emmett does love anything to do with animals. We must have taken him to the zoo a dozen times since he’s been born, and he will smile and wave to anything moving. Yes, hi doggie, kitty, birdie,… ant. The excitement that spreads throughout his face whenever he sees any sort of creature is consciously joyful. Hence, animal theme. (I alllmmosstt booked a pony ride-  petting a horse was probably the happiest moment in his life for Emmett. Yes, my mom quickly reeled me in from that crazy idea from happening.)







Those party animals turned out so cute, and lining them up to form their own little parade was so much fun! They were easy to make, but they took a lot of time. I picked up the toy animals from Michael’s, (with a lot of 40% off coupons) as well as the scrapbook paper and pompoms. With the help of a hot glue gun, these party animals were born.  Love how they turned out! [Note to anybody who might want to make these animals for their child’s party: children will rip off the hats you spent so much time making, so don’t get too attached! It worked out for us, we now use the animals as play toys for Emmett.)



The rest of the party decorations was filled with carnival/fair like items, with a vintage spin, the largest impact deriving from the fabric bunting. I picked up tons of fabric scraps at a rummage sale for this project, which made it a low-cost decor that covered a lot of space. However, it took about a week and a half of my mom and I constantly working on them. It did make such a big statement, so I’m glad my craziness worked out, and I keep telling myself that I will reuse the streamers for other parties since I stuck to a gender neutral palette. They came out perfect! (Easiest instructions:  cut out triangles, and double triangles if fabric doesn’t have a double-sided face. Take any sort of twine or ribbon and stitch triangles to said line. Repeat. Voila!)



I also used some of that fabric to make party hats for all the guests. I bought some dollar store cardboard party hats, and some pompoms from the craft store. After unraveling the hats, I marked a template onto the fabric. Then after cutting my pattern, I glued it onto the cardboard hats.  The colorful pompoms were like the cherry on top. Pretty easy, and so much cuter than what you find in stores.






The rest of the area was filled with other carnival-like areas. We had a photo booth, face painting (Thanks, Fran!), croquet, a cotton candy machine, (Thanks, Fran, again!) and entrances that reassembled circus tents.






The food table mimicked the same feel as the decor, with popcorn in boxes, soft pretzels, corn dogs, hot dogs served on paper food trays, watermelon slices and corn on the cob on popsicle sticks, etc. For dessert, we displayed cupcakes and brownies with flag toppers, fruit salad in mini popcorn boxes, and an exposed funfetti tiered cake with a flag bunting topper.






It really was a wonderful day, celebrating with wonderful people.






At the end of the day, everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to the joyful birthday boy, and allowed him to have his own little cake to go wild with. Here are the smash cake photos, it was a blast to watch! I didn’t cringe too much, because I had found this awesome bib that covered his whole upper body. I would assume it is meant for painting sessions, but it did the job keeping Emmett pretty clean. That messy face, though? P E R F E C T I O N!



IMG_6674 IMG_6683IMG_6680 IMG_6843 IMG_6895 IMG_6823



Well, you made it a full 12 months, little one, and I couldn’t be more happy to be your mama. This past year, not only did our family expand, but our hearts did in ways we could have never imagined. The love your father and I have for you could never be taken away, and it will only grow and grow as you do. I thank God every day that he entrusted your life into our hands, and although we will come short in so many way, know that we will try our best to be the parents that you deserve. Watching you learn and experience new wonders this world has to offer is one of my greatest joys in life. Happy Birthday, sweet one.





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