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September 2016
The Woven Studio | Floral Watercolor Wedding Stationery
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Floral Watercolor Wedding Stationery

Hey all!

It seems like life is starting to settle down a little after what seemed to be a very busy summer. Whew! I am finally finding the time to sit and jot some notes about a beautiful wedding collection Billy and I had the privilege of working on this year.


A childhood, family friend approached Billy and I in helping her design all her wedding stationery, and we couldn’t have been more pleased with the results! Let me start with saying, it always amazes me how magic seems to happen when creative minds get together to increase their work quality. Our friend, Katherine, has amazing taste, so when she came to us to design, at the time, her save the dates, she shared a few ideas of the feel she wanted and left the rest to us. Billy and I knew her style and had a good grasp of what she wanted from us, but we also knew she was artistic and that she could contribute in making her stationery even more special. We asked her to hand letter the initial her (soon to be) surname initial for a monogram, and to try out her hand in designing a floral wreath to use. Look at how she delivered!! Gorgeous! We used those hand drawn details throughout her stationery, Billy only minimally touching up and modifying the design as we needed. (The powers of a graphic designer are still unbelievable to me; the “still-confused-at-Microsoft-Word-technology-impaired” girl in me bows down!) We absolutely loved how special these came out, see for yourselves!



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Photography: Kristy Timms Photography





Thank you so much for entrusting such an important detail of your special day to us! We are so happy to have worked with you, and in turn growing in our work. We wish you and Bryan the best as you walk together during this new and beautiful time in your lives. Congratulations!!


Doris & Billy





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