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July 2020
The Woven Studio | Meet Doris
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Meet Doris

Hi there! My name is Doris.


As you may know by now, I am Billy’s oldest sister, and if you have any older siblings of your own, you may understand a little more of how I tend to operate. Although these adjectives may quickly come to mind, “bossy”, “over achiever”, and “WAY too opinionated” (Yeah, I’ve heard all that before), I’d like to say that over the years I have toned these characteristics down, maybe to assertive, perfectionist, and just a LITTLE opinionated. Positive or negative as these traits may be, it plays a big part into why you are reading this today.


When Billy and I started talking about potentially starting a blog together, part of me thought that I didn’t have much to offer. I mean, come on, I am no Martha Stewart after all, I’m just a normal girl. I’m just the typical girl who loves to answer questions like “Where did you buy that?” or “You got that for how much?!” and this next one is my personal favorite, “Wow, you MADE that?!” But then I thought, why not share all those answers? What I do have on my side is good taste, I love to make my home as pretty as I can without digging deep into my wallet, I love to try to find the best things for myself, my family and friends, and I love celebrating those important people the way they deserved to be celebrated.


My ambition may have looked like a little brother’s nightmare growing up, but it provided me the extra determination I need now to push myself out of my comfort zone and go after the things in life I want for myself. So Billy, get working; we’ve got a blog to do!



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